Watch 16. Dialogue that kills

Watch 16. Dialogue that kills


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16. Dialogue that kills

From Zero to Hero: Write Your Short in 30 Days • 7m 10s

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  • 17. Monologues: To be, or not to be?

    Don’t have something purposeful or actionable to add to your script? Then don’t use a monologue. But if your words are vital and rousing on every level, congratulations! You may just have a monologue that earns its place on the page.

  • 18. “Earl Grey, hot”: Craft characte...

    “Characters are a metaphor for human nature.”

    That’s a quote from screenwriting expert Robert McKee – and it’s true. This is why it’s so important you take the time to develop characters with real depth.

  • 19. Tears for days: How to make the a...

    Just because you’ve thought of an interesting main character doesn’t mean audiences will give a damn if they live or die. You might think adorning your character with interesting traits and making them seem as real as possible would be enough to make an audience care, but that just isn’t always so.