Watch 9. WTF is genre, anyway?

Watch 9. WTF is genre, anyway?


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9. WTF is genre, anyway?

From Zero to Hero: Write Your Short in 30 Days • 5m 40s

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  • 10. Augment your craft with the best ...

    You have a bombass story idea. You’ve sweated through all that painstaking research. You’ve stared into space and spun around on your office chair for at least an hour between bursts of productivity. And now you’re ready to start typing up your first draft.

    You open up Microsoft Word and . . ...

  • 11. What’s a logline got to do with it?

    A logline is a marketing tool for agents and producers to get a feel for a piece quickly. A good logline can sell your script to that studio fat cat, while a bad one may be used to light his cigar.

    A logline should be taut and punchy, expressing the essentials of your story.

  • 12. Find your voice – and stick with it.

    Like the dulcet voices of the sexiest-ever love songs, the voice of your screenplay sets the tone of your overall joint.

    When it comes to storytelling, tone is the incredibly important core emotion you want the audience to feel. Don’t dilly-dally; jump on that pony and establish your tone righ...